2020 graduation

Congratulations to all of our MDUSD 2020 graduates! Despite the extreme challenges of fires and worldwide pandemic, you have made it!  And this experience gives you a unique perspective to create a safer, healthier world for all.  I was honored to attend and record a speech for both the YV High and Olympic High ceremonies, and it was such pure joy to see the smiles and whoops of triumph from graduates and their families.


This week we also held our first ever raising of the Pride flag at the Mt Diablo Unified School District office, and the flag will fly for the month of June.  Thank you to my fellow board members for allowing me the honor of raising it with YV High’s GSA president Bianca Solomon. As a board we all wholeheartedly supported this resolution with a 5-0 vote on May 28th.


In the meantime, the business of the school district marches on. I hope that you have seen the two key messages this week from the Superintendent’s Office:

  1. MDUSD Takes a Stand for Equity – this includes 2 action items the Board will vote on at our June 8th board meeting:
  2. Friday letter – this includes photos from the raising of the Pride flag along with this link to LGBTQIA+ & gender identity services, as well as information about free summer meals, how to join task forces for fall planning, and more.

School Board meeting June 8th

Here is the agenda for tomorrow’s school board meeting. This agenda includes a vote on the Equity resolution and board policy mentioned above, a vote on the PARS retirement plan, a presentation on the task force planning for fall, and more.

At the top of the agenda it shows how to submit a public comment. You don’t need to wait until the live meeting.  (I recommend submitting before 4pm on Monday) Either:

  • send an email at [email protected] - all email messages are received by all board members, and recorded on the board action summaries for that meeting, or
  • leave a voicemail message at (801) 228-0093 - all voicemails are played live during the meeting

Visit https://mdusd.org/agendasminutes for all board agendas, videos, and action summaries.

Happy summer and stay safe, everyone!



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