School Board mtg this Monday

PG&E Power Outages Over

Thank you to all who helped in planning and communicating about potential power outages in MDUSD!  In the end only one school was affected, stayed open, and handled it smoothly.  It's great to see everyone come together to ensure safety preparedness for all students and staff!

Board meeting Monday Oct 14th

Our next school board meeting is Monday Oct 14th, 7pm at Dent Center at 1936 Carlotta Drive, Concord.  See agenda here.  You can attend in person, or to watch from home go to to watch the video of any meeting live or afterwards.

Key agenda items include:

  • State and Local Indicator Presentation 
  • Public Hearing on By Trustee Area election process

State and Local Indicator Presentation

Click here for the slidesStaff will report on the results of the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) assessments administered in the spring and the local district indicators which must be submitted by November 1, 2019.

MDUSD website also lists CAASPP resources for parents in various languages, including free resources to navigate parent teacher conferences and help your child succeed: 

Here is an additional report from EdSource: showing data on CAASPP statewide, by district, or by school.

Public Hearing on By Trustee Area Election Process

At the September 23, 2019 School Board meeting, a public hearing was held on by trustee area scenarios.   See all maps & FAQs at

  1. The board decided to remove three of the maps from consideration: red, green, blue
  2. The board would now like to hear community input on the remaining 3 draft maps: pink, purple, purpleA.
  3. The board is now exploring additional options of the order of elections. That means it is possible that different areas will be chosen for the 2020 election than what has so far been designated on the draft maps. 

Current draft maps (pink, purple, purpleA) show Areas 3 & 5 with elections in 2020, because all three other areas have current trustees whose terms do not end until 2022.  This ensures that all 5 areas will have representation on the board starting in 2020.

However, technically the board could choose different areas, and a majority of the Board asked on Sept 23rd to hear all of the options. See "Election Sequencing Selection" "Selección de Secuencia de Elecciones" district news for details on the options.

Please share your perspective as a parent, student, staff or community member to inform the board decisions! 

Tell us which map is your favorite and which 2 areas you think should be up for election in 2020 and why.  Here’s how:

  • to speak to the Board in person, attend Public Hearings at Board meetings on October 14 or October 28, 2019 or
  • to submit your thoughts online anytime (in English or any language) click on 

Enjoy your weekend!


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