January 2018 News

January was a busy month!  The most energizing part was the Women's March, where we met amazing community activists and signed up pages of new supporters.  Welcome to those of you who joined us!  Huge thank you's to Anita and Ward Johnson, Annie Nolen, Jessica Clark, Frith O'Steen, Angie Traxinger, and Janine Payne Schneir for staffing our booth the entire day.

We reported on our campaign finances for 2017, and are thrilled to say that so far we have received 141 donations of all sizes, far surpassing anyone reported in the race to date!  This is the power of a grassroots campaign.  Every dollar really does add up, and enables us to print materials to reach voters, like the bookmarks we distributed at the march. Thank you for fueling this effort!

Activity is buzzing at the new districtwide MDUSD Education Foundation. Our Programs Committee already surveyed principals, teachers and parents at all 31 elementary schools, and is moving forward to bring recommended visiting artists to our schools!  Even though my role as Foundation President is unpaid, I decided to dedicate my full time to its success because I believe so deeply in our mission to educate all kids.  It's incredible how many people have already stepped forward to volunteer, donate, or connect us to community organizations!  If we all pitch in just a little, it will truly add up to a lot.  Please join us and share - visit, like, follow the Foundation at www.mdedf.orgFacebook and Twitter.  

Lastly, I toured the apprenticeship program at the Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union 342.  I was so impressed by their quality training, encouraging instructors, and the fact that these are high paying, local jobs that can't be shipped overseas!   Only a high school diploma needed.  But it was incredible to learn just how few applicants pass the basic math test, which is 8th grade level with adding and subtracting of fractions and decimals, and basic algebra.  Each year around 800 people apply, 400 take the test, and only around 200 pass it.  Mt Diablo School District clearly needs to focus on improving student performance in math!  I love algebra and enjoy teaching it, and wish that more students could find joy in the beauty of math.  Let's make it happen!  See apprentice photos here

So how can you help?  You can endorse, donate, volunteer, and share at www.cherisekhaund.com.  Also help me to hear what you and your neighbors think about our schools!  Invite me out to your neighborhood meetings, coffeeshop meet-ups, book clubs, faith-based gatherings.  The more I listen to people throughout our district, the better I can represent you.  See you soon!

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