School Starts Aug 17

This week our MDUSD school board voted to revise the school calendar so that students will now begin school on August 17th instead of Aug 13th.  Staff also reported that Google Classroom and Seesaw will be the overall Learning Management Systems to be used districtwide.  Google Classroom can be integrated with Aeries/Homelink to create a more seamless experience for students, parents and teachers.

The 2020-21 reopening plan has just been posted on the Roadmap to Reopen page and updates will continue to be posted there.  School websites will post more detailed information on registration, schedules and how to pick up materials for distance learning.

Read on for:

  • Students - 3 opportunities for you to lead!
  • Internet Options
  • Childcare
  • Equity tools
  • Next Board mtg Aug 10th

Students - 3 opportunities for you to lead!

    1. GENup - - a CA based student led organization advocating for education through the power of youth voices. The Mt Diablo Acalanes chapter is led by Northgate student Michelle Alas. They are hoping to expand now to include students from all high schools in Mt Diablo. Apply now here 
    2. Empowered - - This student led, contra costa based organization is dedicated to fostering youth engagement in local and national democracy. We center our advocacy around issues that matter to young people and seek to involve the community through phone banking and virtual campaigning. 
    3. County Health Services Looking for COVID-19 Youth Ambassadors - Young adult voices needed to help stop the spread of the virus
      • We know young people can have the virus without experiencing any symptoms, so they can spread it to others unknowingly, including to those at high risk. 
      • One key to ending this pandemic is helping young people protect themselves and protect others, symptoms or not. Youth voices are the most effective in communicating with each other. Your power and leadership are needed! 
      • In this new program, the Ambassadors will help create youth/young adult focused messages on protecting yourself from COVID-19, and on getting tested. Ambassadors will help spread the messages on social media. 
      • Each ambassador will receive a $525 stipend. 
      • Application deadline is August 3.
      • Apply online here.
      • Other details:
        • Open to youth/young adults between ages 15 and 24.
        • Campaign will last through 2020.
        • Ambassadors will participate in focus groups, surveys, interviews.
        • 25 Ambassadors are being recruited from all parts of the County


CocoKids is our local county nonprofit that can help you find the childcare that you need at

Internet Options

    • Click the link and type in your address to find the closest hotspot near you.Everyone can now access out-of-home Xfinity WiFi hotspots for free: These hotspots are normally located in business areas, retail locations and transit areas. To find your nearest hotspot, enter your zip code. Once you are at the location, follow the instructions at to join the hotspot. These 1.5 million hotspots are now free for all who need them through this challenging time.
  • MDUSD did also purchase 600 hotspots to check out to students who struggle to access the internet, as we understand from this study that the affordable "deals" are still inaccessible to families who are unhoused, unbanked or undocumented.  We aim to ensure every student is connected, so please contact your school principal or staff if you need to check out one of these mobile hotspots along with your chromebook.

Equity Tools

Shared by MDUSD teachers:

Next School Board Mtg Aug 10th

Find the agenda here when it is posted, and look at the top of the agenda for how to make public comments via email or phone. There you can also watch prior board meetings. Click here to access the Board Action Summaries.

I hope you all are finding moments of peace, health, and inspiration amidst the stresses of this time!

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